Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Alaska Natives



The picture above shows an Inuit man from the early 1900's. Since this picture was professionally done, it could depict many aspects, it could depict how Alaska Natives really are, or how Alaska Natives are precieved. Which leads to my other link. The other link I have is of Wikipedia, although it's a dictionary, it has alot of good information on Alaska Natives. It also has other links to information about Alaska Natives.
This concludes of how we need to research our information. We need to look beyond our stereotypes of cultures, and research what we are learning about. The more we learn, the more we can precieve what is true. That is why I am slowly trying to get you to research different ideas of about Sugpiaq masks, but trying to explore other cultures as well.

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Karis Mae said...

This blog entry was very enlightening. It had a lot of information and a link that took me to more information. I like this blog entry. It's wonderful.