Sunday, November 16, 2008

I apologize for just putting up links, but I am not the best with computers.

This link is an awesome link about different masks around the world, but the thing I find fascinating is, how Alphonese Pinart and Garth Dahl traveled to pick up artifacts and also to see how other cultures work; especially about masks. Their journeys are about a hundred years apart, so they will have their differences, but I think they both had the same idea of enriching their lives with culture.
Since I have been doing the research on the masks, it has opened up my eyes to other cultures. People like Alphonese Pinart and Garth Dahly, obviously opened up their eyes to cultures besides their own. So it's a good eye opener, to look beyond your own culture, to see others, and to understand all cultures have similarties and differences. I would encourage you to look beyound your culture and to learn more about others.

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